Sep 27 2006

Dallas Fan Reviews

Author: Divon D I am from San Antonio, Texas but we drove to see Mariah Carey in Dallas, Texas. I took my mom and boyfriend to enjoy Mimi's hot song numbers. This was our first Mariah Carey performance ever! We were blown away by her voice, stage, Diva outfits, and her body moves were very seductive. I dance and sang right along with my idol . I told myself about 3 years ago when Mariah Carey does her next tour, I am going to see her no matter what my money situation is. Plus If I have to I will travel to the closest concert location. And I did just that no matter what was going on with me I made sure I saw my hero. I have so many memories with Mariah's songs: my wedding/commitment ceremony march song was (Melt Away) my x-husband would tell me that song summed up how he felt about me, first dance as a married couple was (Fly Away- Butterfly Reprise) song made me feel free, my dollar dance the DJ only played her 7 cd's- why play anything else at my wedding. Then we went through a separation period and my songs were constantly being repeated was (Break Down) with Bone Thugz n Harmony and (Lover Boy) I had so many mixed feeling leaving my husband. We then reconciled after a month. About 2 years later my life was like Mariah's roller coaster, he walked out of my life (divorce), father passed away, and new promotion position at my company was too stressful but I made it with the song (Through the rain). Now (Its like that) is my anthem. After her powerful concert, my next business day I wore my Mariah Carey T-shirt proudly. I have a new poster on my office wall at home, with her tour book at work to inspire me every day, and of course all her cd's play in my office all day long.
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