Sep 27 2006

Edmonton Fan Reviews

Author: sugar_rae From the moment Mariah appeared on stage...I was speechless. This was my first time seeing Mariah perform live and I have to say it was amazing....there are no words to describe how powerful and on-pitch her voice is live. Mariah delivered a show the people of Edmonton will never full of spontaneity and energy...the whole arena was on it's feet all night long. Mariah even signed an autograph while performing always be my baby....such a kind spirit. For a singer, writer, and woman who has helped me through so much in the last 16 years; to see her perform was like a spiritual experience....thankyou Mariah for coming to Edmonton! We love you here and we hope we don't have to wait another 16 years for you to return! Thankyou Mariah for an evening I won't ever forget!! Love your #1 Canadian fan. Author: Sepi Wow! What an amazing concert. I was blown away by how down to earth Mariah really is. I mean I hear Diva this and Diva that but I say who cares. She works hard and she is real not just as a performer but as a person. She was so funny that night.She made jokes and made us laugh. I mean she really does have a strong connection with all her fans. I thought we wouldnt be able to take pictures but security was not as uptight as i thought they would be.. I didnt have the best seats in the house so I was happy that they have the big screens to help people see what was going on. I loved the fact that she performed not only the big songs on the new "The Emancipation Of MIMI" but also the originals and I happen to be a big fan of the originals . She was very real with everybody and when she was hot cause all the ten thousand lights were on her she would tell us ok im gonna get some water to drink .Which is a good thing cause no body wants to be dehyrated from all those lights and camera's and singing the whole time. I thought she was going to do an encore but she didnt which i was a little tiny tiny bit sad about but thats alright cause i think im lucky to have been in the same room as her. Most people dont even get to meet their idols like ever. I wrote Mariah along time ago asking her to come to Edmonton and I guess I wasnt the only person that wanted her to visit Edmonton and Im happy we got other Lambs here too. Hope you love the pics as much as I do.
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