Sep 29 2006

She's still got it!

Sacramento's The State Hornet writes:

Yep. She's still got it! MC, that is, as her fans call her. The rest of the world knows her as Mariah Carey.

Carey performed on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at Arco Arena for her "Adventures of Mimi" tour and her fans loved every bit of it. She sang a mixture of songs, old and new. She performed her classics including, "Hero," "Butterfly," "Vision of Love," "One Sweet Day," as well as a compilation of tracks from her new album, "The Emancipation of Mimi."

Mimi, as she refers to herself, started the show in a skimpy black two-piece outfit and a cape. Even though she is 36 years old , she still looks beautiful and sexy.

Her voice started out raspy in the beginning, but ten minutes into the show, she was sounding like her commanding diva self, belting out lyrics and hitting the high notes.

Mimi kept what looked like a sold out crowd on their feet the entire night, with flashy stage of lights and videos, along with her background dancers and her powerful and mighty voice.

A gigantic "Mimi" light sign centered the stage, as well as background videos that filled in for hip hop artists such as Jay-Z and Ol' Dirty Bastard, for her wildly popular duets.

Although she is one of the greatest selling female artists of all times, Carey is still un-diva-like and was very personable with fans. At one point during the show, she asked the crowd if anyone would mind if she took a sip of her water to prepare for the next song.

"This ain't 'Mary Had a Little Lamb,'" Carey said.

While Mimi was busy with costume changes, a DJ kept the crowd pumped while playing snippets of classic hip hop songs. With each change of song, audience members would waved their hands in their air.

She gave several shout outs to the crowd, thanked them repeatedly and told the audience how much fun she was having. She has come full circle and knows who she is as an artist and as a person.

Fans of Mariah love her no matter what. Her concert was all glitz and glam, sometimes with the makings of a Vegas style show. Carey can hit ear-shattering notes, and still flirt with the crowd, as if she's been your best friend for years. It's her combination of diva and legend status combined with her down to earth home girl presence that keep fans loving her throughout her career.
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