Oct 10 2006

Mariah Carey Dazzles

The Los Angeles Daily News writes: Mariah Carey assumed almost supernatural powers in a concert that made local hip-hop history Friday at Staples Center. The golden-voiced singer delivered a top-notch concert. But she also set the stage for a marriage proposal by one of the city s top morning radio jocks; self-diagnosed an allergic reaction; caused audience members to either weep or canoodle; and named a baby. The only thing she didnÂ’t do was validate parking. Putting forth a tightly arranged, perfectly packed two-hour concert, the entertainer was fully involved, stopping to talk to the crowd, throwing in ad libs in song lyrics and generally looking fit and sexy all around. The set list took in the classics: "Dream Lover," "Always Be My Baby," "I ll Be There," Heartbreaker," and recent chart busters "We Belong Together" and "Shake It Off." Carey at her best, backed up by a fine band and singers. But what people will remember about the show will be the moment Power 106 morning DJ Big Boy came on stage alone and began talking about his recent surgery and the woman that stood by him and is now pregnant with his baby. Calling out his startled girlfriend, the radio guy got down on his knees and proposed marriage in front of the packed sports arena. Wisely, she said yes. And cheers rang out whenever CareyÂ’s own DJ kept the crowd pumped up with shouts of "MC" interspersed with an L.A.-centric selection of samples that hip-hopped from SnoopÂ’s "G Thang" to the reggaetron of "Gasolina." But nobody couldÂ’ve expected what would happen when a pregnant fan made her way to the front of the stage between songs. The woman, spotted by Carey, said she would give birth in two weeks and wanted Carey to name the child. She had wanted to name the kid Mariah, but she was having a boy. Would Carey help out? The wonder that is Mariah thought for a second, giving three suggestions: Roy (for her late dad), Trey (for backup singer Trey Lorenz) and Carey. The woman looked pleased Carey it would be. All in just another Friday night for Mariah Carey on tour.
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