Oct 13 2006

Oakland Front Row Winner Review

Author: LauraLuvsMariah The experience of my first FRONT ROW show was like "W---hoa!!!". Originally before i had actually won my tickets I was planning to buy more tickets to this show show of eBay or just lambs on the mc boards but as my luck as had it something had come up some friends needed the money and i lived up to Mariah's own song "Anytime You Need A Friend" so i helped out a friend in need. Anywho, I guess God himself seen what a good deed I had done because not long after that, a Honey B.Fly Team Member called me and told me the GREATEST News of the Month of September "Congrats Laura I am calling you to confirm that you just won a pair of FRONT ROW tickets to see Mariah Carey in Concert on October 2nd at the Oakland Arena." I swear I have never cried faster in my lifetime ever before... Usually it take me a sec or two to process what has been said to me but to me my tears came from the heart..Tears of Love, Tears of Happiness. With tears this fast gosh, I know the show is going to Rock My World. Monday, October 2nd, 2006 show in the Oakland Arena. i was attending the show with my sorority sister Raquel, my lil sis actually, who has always like early Mariah material but i myself was not too sure if she had heard newer Mariah Style. If i could describe the atmosphere i'd have to say INCREDIBLE i enjoyed every minute of it, in FRONT ROW Baby!!! of course. Being there, was GREAT!!!. Busta Rhymes opened the show. He was soooo great. He really got the crowd warmed-up. He and his Flip Mode Squad, and DJ Scratch were all cool. Busta was sooo sweet when he started to sing "I Know What You Want" he did his own thing of course in the song, but when it came down to Mariah's part he had asked the Ladies to sign it. Unfortunately, he thought the audience wasn't living up to Mariah part so he was like: "Ok, Ok Hold up everybody... Now this is a very important part... if you are not going to SING IT then let's go to another song..." To me that was really sweet of him to respect Mimi like that. The security on hand was very super tight they were not allowing anything to occur. There was absolutely No Cameras, No Cell Phone Cameras, or Audio Digital Recorders, No Signs (on the floor, because the fans on the higher levels obviously had and were snapping pictures left and right and had sings). So i thought it should have been fair for all but it was cool because in the end i did managed to sneak in a few snaps with my cell phone, but yeah was really upset because it reminded me of the Pepsi Smash incident were they took my camera away :( . And then yes some Lamb was tried taking pictures with his digital camera and sure enough he was warned the first time, but he continued to try and try and finally the guards asked to see he camera (my guess to either delete the pictures or take it away for good) the Lamb refused so the guards took him away and he DID NOT RETURN. I also made a little 8X10 generic sign using the paper i found under my seat that just said "I Love You" verse the one i had been working on this past weekend using tons of glitter, markers, paint the works which read "Hi MIMI, I Ditched Work And School For You!!!" but they did not allow me to even bring it in the arena. To me i felt like they were going a little over board, i mean it is just a sign right? I guess their defense was that they wanted to ensure that no one's view would be blocked, which makes sense, but for me i though they should have allowed me to have it since i was at FRONT ROW. But i guess the sign thing was not all that bad because Mariah got to see my little generic "I Love You" sing and get this you guys MARIAH TALKED TO ME!!! She had just preformed finished singing "Dreamlover" and it all suddenly happen, my crazy Lamb instincts kicked in to 5th gear and i had no control of my "Emotions" while Mariah was taking a little breather and to quickly take a little sip of water, she the tried to introduce a song and sure enough there i was just yelling out from the top of my lungs saying "I Love You Mariah!!! I was sooo interrupting her and she then seen me and saw my little sign and said "Why I Love You Too!!!" while she pointed to me and smiled... At that very moment i swear if i would have died it would have been alright because 1. i was in Lamb Heaven FRONT ROW at a Mariah concert and 2. because Mariah had talked/acknowledged/pointed at me and said she LOVED ME TOO!!! I was proud of myself for not fainting, because in my mind i always end up fainting when Mariah talks to me. Now on the BEST part of the show which was My Mariah singing on stage, dancing, or just having her Diva momnets she made it all goood.. OMG you guys she was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ummm.... words can't even begin to explain. Mariah totally worked the show. She had many of us folks crying, singing, feeling every lyric as she sang it. She also looked so GORGEOUS. I know for myself i have always thought Mariah was very pretty because i see her on TV or on Magazines but being like literally 2 feet way I was like "W-hoa Sexy Mama..." truly HOT TAMALE!!! The lambs i met were sooo cool. I met young and young at heart folks who were also there for all the same reason to see/hear our beloved MIMI I had a chance to briefly talk to some HBFlyers as well such as Overfifty which was really sweet nice meeting ya girl and then a crazy lambie all the way from Australia named Jessica. To me she was the craziest lamb i have ever met. And before i used to think that i was the craziest of the all, but now after meeting her i know i have nothing on her. Jessica sooo cute. From what she told me she was a college student from Australia who, get this you guys, took out a ,000 loan to come all the way to California and see a few Mariah shows since has been a fan for 14 years and never before has seen a show. She also mentioned that her wallet was stolen and she had no money until some three other lambs gave her each. Jessica was sooo cool, and sneaky i should add. She had floor seats for this show i think she said like on letter I 9th row, but this girl has guts she went to seat all the way near me, FRONT ROW. She even made friends with the security guards who were going to try and have her even met Mariah. I don't actually know she if did but if she had that great chance then i am happy for her because she did go through a lot just to get here and see MIMI. Jessica inspires me she had in her pocket and a dream to see Mariah. She just proves to me that when love is at stake we would do pretty much anything. Her love and dedication allowed her to achieve all her dreams good for her, I know next time if ever in Australia i need to call that girl up. To wrap my review up i just want to say Thanks to HBF Again for the FREE tickets... My luck is turned from ice cold to double-T-HOT. First Pepsi Smash, and Now FRONT ROW.... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You sooooo very much from the bottom of my heart.... I really do Love, Respect, Appreciate Ya and Enjoy Ya... Consider me not only a Lamb, but a Member for Life!!!! Looking forward to see much much more of Ms. Mariah in your future shows. I Love, Respect You Soooo Much!!!
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