Oct 13 2006

Oakland Fan Reviews

Author: Diane Parker WOW, it was a great concert, last night 10/2/06, Mariah was so fantastic. My voice was gone at the end of the show! She puts on such a sexy, smooth way about her! I'm so glad I went last night, everybody were singing her songs with her, you could sometimes not even hear her because all the fans were singing with her! Please come back to our city by the bay, San Francisco, Bay Area! She sings so high that I swear the whole arena moved! Thanks a lot for coming here! Author: Alfredo Carrillo I attended the Mariah Carey Concert in Oakland, CA 10/2/06. With an opening act with Busta that was good. I thought the concert was great although I thought it was a little short and went by very quickly. That could be because I had so much fun but time really did go by fast. I wish Mariah performed a few extra songs that I was hoping to hear like "Say Something" and "Breakdown". But overall choice of songs were good. I thought Mariah would be off stage alot longer then she actually was due to outfit changes but she was on stage very much the whole time and no breaks really. It was one of the best concerts I been to and I'm already wishing to see Mariah in concert soon. Can't wait to buy the concert on dvd which I think said will be coming out in time for the holidays. I recomend buying that when it does come out and I highly recomend seeing her next tour. Author: Molly Kemper Its hard to think that just 24 hours ago I was singing along to Mariah live! This was my second Mariah concert. I also saw her in her 2003 Charmbracelet tour. I loved the concert!! It was sooooo awesome! Mariah has never ever looked better! She is the most beautiful down to earth person. One thing I really loved was how she called the fans "friends". She said " I donÂ’t call you my fans I call you my friends." I thought that was really thoughtful of her to say. She did a lot of interacting with the crowd too which was really neat. When she was reading peoples signs one person had a request on his sign for Mariah to sing "One sweet day" for his deceased brother. Mariah happily obliged and said "This is for everyone out there that has ever lost somebody" that meant a lot to me considering I sang that song at my nieces funeral 5 years ago. She had the whole place including me in tears. The concert was worth every penny. I cant wait to see her again! Phoenix loves you, Mariah! Come back soon!
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