Dec 12 2006

MSG Front Row Winner Review

Author: okdoksmok (Mini)

I just wanna thank and all the team for making possible this dream! Back in 1995 when I first watched Mariah's concert at Madison I flipped and whished I could be there someday and see her performing. But it was more than that! I was not only at that amazing concert, but also I could meet her after the show and she was incredible!! I am also running the website dedicated to Jack "The Marvellous Jack" and I finally got to give the fanbook I made! Yeah Jackers!! She loved it!! She had a quick view and she was sorry though because Jack wasn't there LOL Then she possed with me with the cover of the fanbook for a picture. I had a T-shirt on that I had made myself with Jack and Mariah. She was so sweet and she signed it to me. She also signed the interview about Jack that the U.S OK! Magazine did to me a couple of months ago. By the way, I have to thank to all the people who took part of that project! And today, 11 years later, my biggest dream has made come true and the only thing I can say to all those fans who haven't been able either to meet her in person or attend to any of her show, is believe in your dreams, no matter what, work hard enough to make them possible because sooner or later, you can make it happen!
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