Mar 05 2007

Mariah Plays Second Fiddle for Movie Shot in Town

< > The Tennessean writes:

Mariah Carey sang country music in Nashville last week. Don't get excited — it was just for a movie.

She was filming the independent film Tennessee with Lance Reddick, Ethan Peck and Adam Rothenberg. She plays a waitress and aspiring country singer who flees her controlling husband to join two brothers on their journey from New Mexico to Tennessee to find their estranged father.

On Thursday, director Aaron Woodley and crew were at Second Fiddle at 420 Broadway, where Mariah performed "Right to Dream," a song for the movie she co-wrote with Willie Nelson. She was joined by dreamy Mickey Raphael, who plays harmonica for Willie. "People were weeping on the crew when she sang it," Aaron says. "It's very moving, especially in the context of the film and her character."

On Monday, they shot in Dunlap, Tenn., and on Tuesday filmed at Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville. "I always knew Tennessee was lush and picturesque and incredibly cinematic, but on film it is even more than I expected," Aaron says. "The film is called Tennessee, and I hoped that I captured it in all its glory. I hope I did the people of Tennessee proud because I love this state, and I love Nashville."

Midweek, they filmed a railroad scene in downtown Nashville, and even rode boxcars from Nashville to Lebanon a couple of times. "There I am, sitting on the edge of a boxcar with Mariah Carey, breezing through town. We slowed down to go over a bridge, and there were people sitting in cars. I think they did a double-take: 'I swear I just saw Mariah Carey on a boxcar.' "

They had planned to shoot on Lower Broadway Thursday, but swapped with the Second Fiddle because of the rain. So they wrapped the week Friday night on Lower Broad.

"As we've been shooting downtown, I've been constantly wishing I wasn't working because everybody is having a great time," Aaron says. "I love country music and wanted to walk away and listen to some bands and drink some beer."

He got his wish after Friday's shoot wrapped.
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