Apr 26 2007

Winner Announced In the Honey B. Fly Members Only Contest!

< > Congratulations Thuy on winning the Honey B. Fly members only contest!

Thuy chose to visually express Say Somethin', Mariah's last single from The Emancipation of Mimi, as the song that inspired him. The winning submission featured an image of Mariah that was made entirely out of the lyrics to "Say Somethin". In addition, Thuy explains: "I chose Paris skyline because the music video took place in Paris."

The winner has won a black Juicy Couture hooded jacket like the green one Mariah wore in the "Don't Forget About Us" video. And the jacket is autographed by Mariah!

"I want to thank Mariah for putting out very inspirational and impacting music. A variety of songs to help me get through the bleakest moments of my life to songs that help me celebrate the good times. You are truely talented and definately have a voice for singing. Seventeen years of AWESOME lyrics. I'm glad you write your own lyrics. Thank you Mariah and take care! ~ Thuy"
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