May 24 2007


< > Honey B. Fly membership renewals will be starting shortly. We hope you have enjoyed the HBF community and all the features has to offer. We have some exciting announcements for members who stay with us for a second year. When your account is renewed, your membership will be upgraded to Legacy status. As Legacy Members, when applicable, you will be able to access future HBF members-only ticket presales not only before the general public, but also before newer members to the site. Whenever Mariah goes back on tour you will have the first chance to purchase tickets! And on the HBF Message Boards you will also be noted as a “Legacy” member next to your posts.

PLUS, renewing and new Premium level members will be the only ones to receive the new HBF gift pack that will be filled with brand new Mariah goodies. Renewing members will be receiving more details about their renewal in the coming days.

If you do not wish to have your HBF membership automatically renew, you can go here to cancel your account at anytime.

If you have any questions regarding the site, your membership or anything further, please visit our Help page.
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