Nov 07 2007

MariahÂ’s Crowd Pleasing Performance At Glamour Women Of The Year Awards

< > The critics are raving about Mariah's performance at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards:

Fashion Wire Daily: Mariah Carey, with the African Children's Choir, opened the ceremony with a rousing, emotional number and was met with huge cheers from the audience, particularly from the sections where several school groups were seated, special guests of Glamour.

The New York Observer: The subsequent ceremony opened with pop singer Mariah Carey emerging to shrieks from the top two tiers of the balcony, which had been well-stocked with young things from various New York schools and girls' clubs. Ms. Carey, looking remarkably svelte and demure in a sleek, simple black floor-length gown with a sash, sang her 1993 hit "Hero" accompanied by a children's choir from Africa.

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