Nov 29 2007

Holiday Greetings for Mariah!

< > This holiday season, show your love for Mariah by creating a special holiday video greeting.

We've been working on a special holiday greeting that we will be emailing out to everyone next month. To make this an especially exciting event, as part of this greeting we will include select video messages created by you for Mariah!

If you'd like to submit a video greeting to be part of this email, this is what you need to do...

1. Film your video greeting (try and keep it reasonably short!) and upload it to;

2. You MUST include the tag 'mariahholiday2007' with your video when you upload it;

3. All videos and content will be reviewed, and provided it is not deemed offensive or off-colour we will try to include it in the official greetings card;

4.'s ruling about which greetings are included is final;

5. You have until Wednesday December 12, at 6PM EST to film and upload your video greeting so... what are you waiting for?
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