Dec 12 2007

'M by Mariah Carey' Launch Party Photos From Japan

< > Mariah fans celebrate M release in Japan!

Japanese fans (Shino, Kotaro, Justin, Miho, Natsu & Sachiko) hosted a launch party in Tokyo to celebrate the release of M by Mariah Carey and The Adventures Of Mimi DVD. The fans used the party kit ideas suggested by to prepare Mimi drinks, posters and more!

Click here to watch their "Japanese lambs" M by Mariah commercial, and click here to learn how they make a mean "Mimi-tini" in Japan.

If you didn't already know, Mariah's The Adventures Of Mimi DVD includes a fun karaoke feature, and the crew had plenty of fun singing along to Mariah's hits!

Fun pics from Japan with love!

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