Jan 18 2008

'The Adventures of Mimi DVD' HBF Contest: Day 5

< > This contest is now closed. All winners will be announced at 5pm EST today.

Triple Trivia!:

Q1: According to the "Adventures of Mimi" DVD, what song did Mariah say was one of the most gratifying to perform on the Emancipation of Mimi tour? a) "We Belong Together" b) "Fantasy" c) "Vision of Love" We'll need the letter AND the song title.

Q2: Name two of the six songs available in the Karaoke-style feature on the "Adventures of Mimi" DVD.

Q3: According to the "Adventures of Mimi" DVD, which singer that went on tour with Mariah is referred to as the "Mae West of Brooklyn? We'll need the first and last name.

Please e-mail your complete answers to all of the above questions to contests@honeybfly.com along with:

-your HBF username
-the e-mail address listed in your HBF profile

The first COMPLETE, CORRECT entry will win an autographed poster and DVD of "The Adventures of Mimi". Only one response per person is allowed. Multiple entries will be disqualified. You must be a current Honey B. Fly member to be in the running.

We will announce when each contest is closed.

Be sure to check back here today at 5:00pm EST when we announce all the winners!

Good luck!
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