Feb 22 2008

Billboard Reviews Touch My Body

< > Touch My Body (3:28)
Producers: Mariah Carey, Tricky Stewart
Writers: M. Carey, Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Label: Island

'Oh, Mariah, where have you been? It's been four long years since your triumphant return with "We Belong Together," and three since last hit 'Don't Forget About Us.' 'Touch My Body,' the first single from 11th studio album E=MC2 (April 15), is a No. 1 just waiting to pounce the Billboard Hot 100. Written by Carey with The-Dream-who penned Grammy Award-winning radio staple 'Umbrella' for Rihanna-this sensual jam is 100% Mariah, packed with satisfying harmonic layers and hooky background 'oh's,' supersonic verses and a chorus as catchy as a winter sniffle. Smells like a smash and looks like 2008=MC's 18th year of chart-toppers.'

Chuck Taylor, Billboard
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