Mar 25 2008

Mariah And The Hills Premiere!

< > While Lauren, Whitney, Audrina are clearly the belles of the ball at the live Hills premiere here at Gotham Hall in New York, we're not gonna lie - musical guest Mariah Carey is queen of the night.

Backed by a live band, four dancers (America's Best Dance Crew hopefuls, take note!) and three back-up singers, an undeniably emancipated Mariah held the crowd captive in all of her resplendence and glittery glory. (Literally - her mike and mike stand were bedazzled in enough ice to keep the bar covered all night.) Mimi was totally rocking envy-inducing Barbie-meets-Miss-America hair and show-stopping hourglass curves (in what looked like a Herve Leger bandage dress, but we can't be sure).

And the vocals? More on point than that time Lauren showed Heidi the door. "We Belong Together" was so beautiful it was like waking up inside of a perfect dream. When Mariah dropped her new single, "Touch My Body," believe that all eyes - and, yes, cameras - in Gotham were glued to the glamstress, who looked like 2008 Mariah (i.e. - the hottest she's ever been in her impressively long career) but busted out those high notes like it was 1992 all over again. And Mariah's sexy, soulful rendition of "I'm That Chick" was the perfect ending to a night of glamour that's all about our favorite females. Check out the full MTV review.

Click on the links below to watch Mariah's performances from last night:

Touch My Body
We Belong Together

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