Mar 26 2008

Blender Magazine Reviews Touch My Body

< > "WHO: Mariah Carey [ft. Rick Ross and the Dream]
WHAT: "Touch My Body" (Remix)
WHY: As we eagerly anticipate Mariah's mentor appearance on American Idol in the coming weeks, the octave scaling singer drops a wicked redo of her Top 20 and rising new single. "Touch My Body" co-writer the Dream makes a cameo this time, playfully throwing Mariah's already-infamous YouTube sex tape line right back at her: "If there's a camera up in here, load that right on up to YouTube ... I'm just playin'." The beat is completely upended, with a sinister synths replacing the original's fluffy snap vibe. The remix is sexier, more dynamic and - barring Rick Ross's annoyingly boilerplate intro verse - better than its counterpart, especially during the Timbaland-style stutter-step tease of an outro. As many pop vets struggle to make their singles hit nowadays, Mariah is throwing down remixes others would kill for. It's almost unfair." 4 stars, Blender Magazine
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