Apr 10 2008

Mariah's Movie Tennessee at Tribeca Film Festival

< > "In this intimate road movie, two brothers travel to the hometown they fled as teenagers to find their estranged father. When they are joined by a spirited woman (Mariah Carey) running from her abusive husband, they begin to grow closer, and the truth of their journey comes to light." Tribeca Film Festival.

Tennessee's show times and venues at the Tribeca Film Festival are as follows:

Sat, Apr 26, 6:00PM - BMCC Tribeca PAC [Map]

Sun, Apr 27, 6:15PM - Village East Cinema 1 [Map]

Wed, Apr 30, 3:00PM - AMC 19th St. East Theater 2 [Map]

Thu, May 01, 10:30PM - AMC 19th St. East Theater 1 [Map]

Sat, May 03, 8:30PM - Village East Cinema 7 [Map]

Passes and Packages are available for purchase right now, and single tickets will be available for purchase to the general public online, by phone, and at the Box Office beginning on Saturday, April 12. Click here for further information.
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