Apr 14 2008

Watch MTV all week for Mariah skits and performances

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Even back in the early '90s, when she was just a curly-haired Long Island girl in cut-offs and a hoodie, Mariah Carey - the youngest daughter of a struggling, middle-class broken home - was that chick, destined for a luxe life of Louis Vuitton luggage and Louboutin heels. That larger-than-life voice soared out of our Sony Sports Walkman (remember the banana-yellow ones?) like a supernatural force, and nearly two decades, five Grammys, 11 studio albums, and 18 #1 singles later, that chick's still rocking iPods and MTV.

With that logic-defying range that glides from whisper-soft-sexy-sweet to match-in-a-gas-tank explosive, Mariah went Unplugged, got animated for Christmas, and took down a cheating Jerry O'Connell at a matinee. She went undercover on a Jet Ski, fled her symbolic wedding, cruised Paris with Pharrell, and lived out a computer geek's fantasy with a unicorn at her side. She debuted more #1 singles than any other artist in chart history, and she spent more time on the charts and broke and sold more records than half her peers combined.

She's the voice, the body (those abs!?!?), and an unrivaled musical legend. Yet she still manages to embrace the spotlight (while skillfully avoiding scandal), and work the treadmill in spike heels - which, as MTV's Artist of the Week, you can catch her doing all week.

Watch MTV's collection of over 40 Mariah Carey videos - we've picked out a few of our favorites below - including her latest video, "Touch My Body," find out more about her new album, E=MC2, which hits stores tomorrow, and watch her exclusive live performances from The Hills premiere. Plus, check out behind-the-scenes photos from her MTV Artist of the Week shoot, and tell us why Mariah will always be that #1 chick.

Click here for a video clip of Mariah discussing all of the tracks on E=MC2.

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