Apr 18 2008

Mariah Signs Copies of E=MC2 To Over 1000 Fans at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles

< > Mariah closed off her week-long promotional tour in Los Angeles last night with a bang! Last night, a crowd of over 6,000 fans gathered at the Universal City Walk in LA to celebrate the release of E=MC². The evening started as Mariah donated memorabilia from the new album to the Hard Rock Cafe. After walking down the purple carpet, she then made a glamorous entrance on stage and graciously signed CDs, joked with fans, and gave impromptu performances until the small hours of the night!

20 lucky Honey B. Fly fan club members received a "jump to front of the line" pass and were treated to a special night full of Mimi treats in the VIP section!

Fans share their experiences from last night:

BOTHMeYMC:I was one of the fan club people who got picked :) It was awesome, we like got to hang out in the VIP section on the second story of Hard Rock Cafe. They had an open bar and hors d'oeuvres. Anyway we were chilling up there until she showed up at like 8. HBF really hooked us up. Like one of the guys working there said they were given specific instructions to make sure we were the first to get pictures with her and the first for the signing. Because "the radio winners are cool and everything but the fans are the best." I heart MC.

Then we got to the actual signing part. I guess I was like 14th to see her and I said "You inspire me..." she like nodded her head at me. Silence. "And I love you?" Yes I phrased it as a question because I was like just saying whatever first came out of my mouth. haha. great moment. She looked at me directly and said thank you. She slid me my booklet and said "I really appreciate you coming out" and that was it. I only waited like 4.5 hours. Totally worth it.

Awesome. I heart MC. Super cool experience.

alexsander:I am very tired right now but I wanted to share with you lambs about my experience at the signing in Universal City last night with the amazing and unique Mariah Carey!!!!

I was one of the 20 lucky ones to get a pass from HBF, thank you very much Gina!!!

The VIP room was simply great, lots of food (great food), open Bar, I had 2 "Mimi Martinis" yummy and were right in the middle of all the action.

Mariah headed downstairs to the "purple carpet" where she posed for the media. The HBF members were immediately rushed downstairs, Mariah wanted us!!! haha

She was amazing, went on stage, said hi, posed for pictures then she came to the side of the stage and started signing and taking picture with people with special needs - so amazing - I was like 10 inches away from her - she was so gracious and amicable with the people down there.

Then it was our turn! yay! It went so fast - we went to the stage in groups of 5 were she greeted us and talked to us for a bit...

My experience was surreal, I handed my cd to her and we were talking looking at each others eyes - trust me she didn't take her eyes off me until I got off the stage - she was so sweet

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