Apr 25 2008

Good Morning America Parties with Mariah

< > Mariah kicked off the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series Live in front of hundreds of New Yorkers and hardcore fans who lined up overnight to see Mimi up close and personal! Mariah performed three songs from her brand new album E=MC2: her 18th #1 smash hit Touch My Body, her brand new single Bye Bye and the immediate fan-favorite I'm That Chick. She also chatted to hosts Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts about the new album, her smokin' fit body and having the Empire State Building lit up in her honor. Click here to watch the video clip of the interview.

Here's some reporting from fellow lambs:

I was there this morning.. it was amazing!!! We got to Manhattan at about 3:30 am this morning and began waiting on line. The line wasn't bad at all and we had great spot. At about 7 they began letting us up to the stage. Once we made it through it was amazing. They gave out t-shirts and I also got her perfume!! Her performance was amazing. I was so close to her! She looks so amazing in person! She is so beautiful and soooo skinny! lol Anyways I had an amazing time.

I had such a great time this morning at Good Morning America. I met some really festive lambs, and we all camped outside on the street overnight. But none of us slept because we were too excited to see Mariah! And when she finally came out later that morning, she blew us all away with her voice. She was very fun, trying her best to look at all of our signs. My favorite song on E=Mc2 is "I'm That Chick", so I made a festive sign that said "You're 'That Chick' We Like!". It is such a fun song and she absolutely nailed the performance! Everyone around me was feeling that song the most. Overall, it was an awesome experience and well worth the overnight wait.

Ok, so here it goes. First off I woke up super late, we were supposed to leave the house at 2am, we didn't leave until 3:30am. We arrived at 4am, wow there must have been at least 200 people in front of us. Saw some lambs!! But there was a lot of tourists there too. The promotions people were giving out perfumes, lotions, t-shirts, posters, post cards...and more. Around 7:45 MC came out looking amazing as always...don't you love the pink!! She did sound check and rehersal for about 15 min. The statge was great, so sparkely! Exactly 8:30 the mini concert started, Mariah was FLANTASTIC! as you all seen. We took about 80 pictures.. I had a great time, would def do it again, but next time I won't oversleep.

Mariah's concert on GMA was amazing! I can't even decide what my favorite performance was; "Touch My Body" was so much fun, it took me a moment to pick my jaw off the floor after seeing how incredible Mariah looked in that pink mini dress she had on, and I loved how the crowd sang along with Mariah: "I will hunt you down...". This was the best performance she did of "Bye Bye" so far, I loved the live band and her new adlibs at the beginning of the song... so beautiful. And of course, "I'm That Chick" is even better live than it is on the album! This song is such a hot jam and Mariah did it more than justice when she sang it live! Thanks Mariah for a fantastic morning!

Photos by Ida Mae Astute/ABC
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