Apr 28 2008

Mariah Lights Up Empire State Building

< > To honor Mariah Carey, the #1 most successful female recording artist of all time, The Empire State Building in NYC was lit up this past weekend (April 25th – 28th) in Mariah's honor. A lighting ceremony took place at the Empire State Building on Friday April 25th, where Mariah flipped the light switch on a scale model of the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building Tower was lit in lavender, pink and white lights all weekend to celebrate the album color motif of Mariah's new # 1 album E=MC2. Antonio “LA” Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group attended the ceremony with Mariah to help celebrate this momentous occasion.

Also on hand to take part in the ceremony with Mariah were Lynn & Davidia, two lucky members of Mariah’s official fan club Honey B. Fly. If you would like a chance to meet Mariah and attend other events such as this, sign up for Honey B. Fly now!

Yesterday at the Empire it was sooo hot!!! Mariah was completely relaxed and she wasn't rushed so it was nice to meet her in a setting like that I won the tickets so me and Davidia were the only ones, besides the press, that went up to the top of the Empire with her... we actually went in the elevator with AJ who used to work on BET and now I think he is on E and he chatted with us for a little. Da Brat was there and Nick Cannon. After all the press was done, they brought Mariah over to us and she just stayed with us for about 10 min. I showed her my phone and she grabbed and she is like awwww how festive!! And then we take 2 pics and she is like are you sure you like them? Because we can take more if you don't like them... so I told her anything with you and me in it of course I will love lol and she laughed... it was so nice to have her in a relaxed environment because we could actually chat a little and no one was telling us no don't do this don't do that it was just so much fun!

Yesterday was the best day with Mariah ever! When we got to the Empire there was Press everywhere waiting for Mariah. It was so cool. I seen Maryann and said hi. L.A. Reid, Benny, Shawn, Mark, Rachel, Da Brat, AJ where all there. Everyone kept complimenting me on my shirt. All Mariah's people were all laid back which I really enjoyed. Lynn and I got interviewed by a few Press. One of them asked us why do we like mariah? U know we gave a flantastic answer! One of the best parts was going at the top of the Empire State Building with Mariah. We spent a good time up there with her. Pic time was the best lmao. Mariah told me she remembered me. I am the lamb from FL. She was like "I just seen u on monday" Of course she loved the bandaids. The cool thing about this all It was Mariah's first time at the top of the Empire State Building and Lynn and I got to experince it with her. Thanx Lynn for having me as ur guest. Thanx HBF. Yo Gina! u rule! (thanx for the autograph poster and TMB single)

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