Apr 30 2008

Mariah chats with Gayle King on Oprah & Friends Radio

< > She's a record-breaking, Grammy-winning artist who has been captivating fans with her music for more than 20 years. Singer Mariah Carey talks to Gayle about the ups and downs of her career and personal life and about her latest album.

Mariah says the road to success wasn't easy. Earlier in her career, she often was unhappy but kept it to herself, she says. "When I was a little depressed inside, I would fake a smile and deal with the side effects," she says. "But nobody knew that—a lot of the worst times were not when people thought they were bad times."

Now, she says she is in a great place in her life. Her single "Touch My Body" has hit the number one spot on the Billboard charts, and Mariah says she's embracing her identity, which she says includes being a little bit of a diva. "I think I'm high maintenance, but I maintain my own self," she says. "It's not just the diva stuff; it's an emotional need that I have to protect myself."

Mariah says she wanted the music on her new album, E=MC², to benefit others. "I wanted to write something that could touch and help people," she says. "I'm inspired by people who take entertainment and try to do something more with it."

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