May 01 2008

Mariah on the Time 100 - The World's Most Influential People

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The Most Influential People in the World
(New York, May 1, 2008)— In this week’s issue, TIME reveals its list of the 100 most influential people in the world. As TIME managing editor Richard Stengel writes in his Letter to Readers, “The TIME 100 is not a list of the smartest, the most powerful, or the most talented—it is a thoughtful and sprightly survey of the most influential individuals in the world. Influence, like those other categories, is subjective, but you try to measure it in the effect people have on the world.”

Stevie Wonder, for Time Magazine:

"I could never describe or measure the level of respect and love I have for Mariah Carey in just 300 words, but you know, I'll do my best. I've met only three people who had a truly wonderful voice and spirit to match: my first wife Syreeta, Minnie Riperton and Mariah. Obviously she is talented and has a great voice, but when a person has the opportunity to be heard and seen, at the end of the day she will also be felt. I think Mariah has enjoyed such success at 38 because she's a good person; her heart is good. I love her spirit. When I lost my mother, she was one of the first people to reach out to me. She was away, but she still found a way to call me up and say a prayer with me. It's easy to be friends when the lights are bright, but how is your love when there's none of that? I know how Mariah's is.

She has the ability to be sexy, but not so much that you think it's getting too crazy. It's a sexy classiness. The whole thing with her song Touch My Body is that she keeps it acceptable and has fun with it. And Mariah didn't break all those sales records just because she's beautiful. She has perseverance and consistency. You need the two: the ability to keep going and the ability to keep doing the right thing. She once said that every time she makes a new record, she feels as if she's brand-new again, like a young person looking at a computer for the first time. By doing it and not thinking about it, she lets the magic come.

When people talk about the great influential singers, they talk about Aretha, Whitney and Mariah. That's a testament to her talent. Her range is that amazing.

I look forward to the time the two of us can do a song together. I'm rewriting a song for her. It's going to be a tribute to my mother."

Legendary singer-songwriter Wonder's most recent album is A Time 2 Love.
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