May 19 2008

Mariah Makes Her Acting Comeback As A Waitress In Tennessee

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Mariah impresses critics in recent reviews of her latest film Tennessee.

"Tennessee is a good old-fashioned road movie, where travelling along an actual highway is a metaphor for making progress along your personal journey of life."
"-Mariah is the best thing in it. Her understated, downbeat performance is so natural..."
Mark Savage/BBC UK

“This a natural, effortless performance, nothing grand or showy. She makes her effects quietly. It is completely believable. And not until she sings, in a ratty bar, toward the end of the movie, are you reminded – and with a jolt – that this actress is indeed the famous, sexy and glamorous Mariah Carey. That’s how well she inhabits her role…This is a character study, modest, yet totally assured.”
Liz Smith/(portions in DAILY VARIETY/VARIETY online

“This is what you should know: Carey is very good in the role of Krystal.”

“Those expecting Tennessee to be a Mariah Carey vanity vehicle are in for a letdown. What is most impressive about the film is Carey’s brave, understated, deglamorised performance as an ensemble player rather than star. “
Howard Feinstein/SCREENDAILY.COM

“The performances are what’s most notable about the movie…and, if anyone was worried that Carey was going to overwhelm the picture with her star power, there was no need to worry; she properly eschews her glam persona to play Krystal…”

“So the first surprise of “Tennessee” is that Carey gives an understated and very effective performance.”

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