Jun 10 2008

New (International) Mariah Interviews

< >         Australia        Sunrise entertainment reporter James Tobin flew to Tokyo to interview Mariah and brought a special gift with him - a 1.2 carat, 114-diamond-encrusted butterfly brooch as a "get talking" gift. Mariah revealed that having a family has become her No. 1 priority.

                Watch the interview.


         Singapore        Channel News Asia sat down with Mariah for a candid interview in Japan where she talked about her new album E=MC2 and how personal it is to her.

            Watch the interview.


                Japan        Closing off her hectic promotion week in Japan, Mariah was a guest on the show "Hey Hey Hey" where the hosts revisited her previous appearance on the show in 1997. Mariah also performed "Touch My Body".

                  Watch the performance and the interview.


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