Aug 01 2008

Recap, Fan reviews, Pictures & Video links of Mariah @ Kimmel

< > Last night, Mariah performed at this year's Samsung AT&T SummerKrush series opener in Hollywood, California, where hundreds of fans, including fifty lucky HBF winners gathered to see a set of five of the best MC songs from her past two albums. Mariah started off the show with a medley of "Touch My Body" and "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time". She was then joined by Young Jeezy for a performance of "Side Effects" (E=MC2). Following those two songs which later aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Mariah entertained the crowd with extra performances of the fan-favorites "I'm That Chick", "Shake It Off" and "We Belong Together".

Jimmy Kimmel then interviewed Mariah who talked about her marriage, the experience of swimming with dolphins in Hawaii for the video of "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" and her new perfume "Luscious Pink". (Watch the interview: Part 1, Part 2.)

HBF Fans write about Mariah's concert and appearance on the show:

duffbfly: Loved Side Effects. Love 'em both actually. She is amazing! She is giving a teaser as to what we can expect on tour. See you on the road Mariah! I can't wait!!!!

nomad: Side Effects.... LIVE!!! Finally! All the waiting... I cannot wait to hear her outta control on tour. The I'll Be Lovin' U/Touch My Body mix is kind of cool!! It gets me revved up for the tour.

jayson: I thought the performances were beyong flantastic and when she did the high note...I was like a little kid at Christmas... I was freaking out!!

sophia04_erika: She was the BEST!!!!!! I was there and I must say she sounded and looked amazing....I went into work at 7am so that I can get out early, it was worth it!!!

d1rty1: Best night of my life. If you watch the Jimmy Kimmel live show, I'm the guy with the "Mariah, Touch My Body" sign. She said "Hi" and waved to me. Then I had 5th row for the concert!

fantasyhero: I have just seen the IBLULT with a snippet of TMB and I thought MC sounded amazing! I love how she sung the song and the high notes sounded good to me. This is really getting me revved up for a tour now.

beejx: SIDE EFFECTS WAS AMAZING!!!! I was also standing front row center at the concert! I think her backup singers are a really good support and they harmonize and go well with Mariah. I thought the whole concert was absolutely amazing! Side Effects is by far my favorite song on the album and she was soo emotional during it!

fabulousmoolah: I've just seen the mashup and OMG MC is freakin amazing!!! Her voice was just soooooo on point, I can't get over it. Obviously performing at night suits her, the crowd looked so fun.

teesh: The concert was unbelievable! Her real fans were freaking the hell out when she came out!! I loved the whole thing. Her outfit was hot. Her voice was on point. I love that she did side effects, and I'm that chick. But when the music for We belong together came on everyone got O.O.C

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