Aug 25 2008

Mariah Dream Concert Contest Winner

< > Lambs, we asked you to be creative and use your wildest imagination to create a Mariah "Dream Concert" scenario. The results were truly flantastic. We received amazing illustrations, stage decor and costume ideas, and set lists worthy of any fantasy! It was hard to choose, but congratulations to the two winners, HBF members johnapower and luvmiro909. Their entries are posted down below so check them out!

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HBF Member Name:  johnapower
Country:  Ireland
Mariah Carey
E=MC2: The Adventures Continue
Madison Square Garden or The 02 Dublin!!
Concert Set List
•        Migrate (snippet) / Emotions (snippet) - (music only)
Set 1 - Las Vegas Showgirl:
•        -I'll Be Lovin U Long Time
•        -Touch My Body
•        -Breakdown
•        -Dreamlover
Set 2 - New York City de-Lights:
•        -Daydream Interlude (music only)
•        -Fantasy (Bad Boy with ODB Remix)
•        -Side Effects feat. Young Jeezy
•        -It's Like That / It's Like That (David Morales Remix)
Set 3 - Superstar Diva:
•        -Looking In (music only)
•        -Bye Bye
•        -I'll Be There feat. Trey Lorenz
•        -Vision of Love
•        -My All / My All (David Morales Remix)
Set 4 - Disco MC:
•        -Blame It On The Boggie (music only)
•        -Don't Forget About Us (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Remix)
•        -Heartbreaker / If You Should Ever Be Lonely (Junior's Club Mix)
•        -Megamix - O.O.C / Get Your Number / I'm That Chick / Say Something / Last Night A DJ Saved My Life / O.O.C
•        -Honey (Classic David Morales Remix)
Set 5 - High Spirits:
•        -Make It Happen
•        -One Sweet Day / Thank God I Found You feat. Boyz II Men
•        -I Wish You Well
•        -Hero
•        -We Belong Together / We Belong Together (DJ Clue Remix)
•        -Always Be My Baby
•        -Butterfly / Fly Away (Reprise)
Mariah's Costumes
Set 1:  Purple Showgirl ensemble, very sparkly with lots of feathers.  Dancers would have complimentary ensembles too.
Set 2:  Black fitted jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket with shades.  Dancers would have very casual street clothing.
Set 3:  A full length shocking pink dress with lots of sparkle.  For the remix part of My All the bottom of the dress should pull off.
Set 4:  Hot pants and little top.  Dancers should be dressed in silver.
Set 5:  White full length dress with very high side split.
Encore:  Gold full length dress with lots of sparkle.
Concert Concept
The concert would be set around a number of scenes.  For each set the stage would be transformed.  First into a Las Vegas style theatre very over the top and extravagant, feathers, lights etc.  The next scene would take the scene of a New York Street.  Lots of streetscape and references to MC's home city.  Following this the diva inside should come out.  This scene should be very glamorous and allow MC play up to the diva persona people think she has.  This could be very comic.  The next scene is something very new, Disco MC.  This should look like a club and be very reminiscent of the 80's/early 90's.  Very high energy and the mega mix would be amazing.  The next scene, high sprits, should be very church, choir and gospel  oriented.  MC is at her own in this setting and it is something she should always include.  Think of the similar section on the EOM tour but like 10 times better!  Finally for the encore it wouldn't be right not to have some butterflies for MC! Pink and purple stage with lots of butterflies.

HBF Member Name: Luvmiro909
State/Country: California, US

In my 'Dream' concert, my late cousin Ramiro and I went to 'A Evening With Mariah Carey' tour at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, CA. It was kind of a Cinderella night for me, I only had till midnight to be with my cousin. And somehow, Mariah knew, and so she made it extra special for us. We had front row tickets, and backstage passes to meet her before the show. Mariah was so sweet, gave us hugs and took a couple of pictures with us. We got to spend some time with her.
This was the greatest night of my life, not only because we experience MC live but God gave me another chance to be with my cousin. To share this experience that we always hope we would share one day. Mariah was so beautiful and flawless in everything she did. She sang all our favorite songs and hit every note. She made eye contact with us, and the look in my cousin eyes was priceless. The set list was amazing:
Migrate with T-Pain
Cruise Control
I stay in love
Thanx 4 nothin'
For the record
One and only
Don't forget about us
Everything fades away with Trey Lorenz
Slipping away
My AllStay awhile
Through the rain
Subtle invitation
The roof
Close my eyes
The Beautiful ones with Dru hill
I am Free
Melt away
music box
All I ever wanted
So blessed
Till the end of time
All in your mind
Sent from up above
Endless love with Luther
Bye, Bye
It was perfect when she closed the show with 'Bye, Bye' she dedicated it to us. We both said our bittersweet goodbyes, as monarch butterflies we're released. And as Mariah's voice faded away, so did he...

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