Sep 26 2008

Mariah charts at # 3 on Top 15 Album Acts Of The Bar-Code Era

< > Yahoo counted down the top 15 acts that have sold the most albums in Nielsen/SoundScan history. These are the 15 artists who have sold the most albums since May 25, 1991. The tallies don't count any albums sold before that date. Nielsen/SoundScan also maintains a running list of the top 200 albums in its history. Included are the total number of albums each of these artists has on that list, as well as the title of the artist's highest-ranking album.

1. Garth Brooks, 68,051,000
2. The Beatles, 56,683,000

3. Mariah Carey, 51,370,000. Carey is the top-ranking female artist on the list. The pop/R&B star is also the only artist in the top 15 with an R&B base. Carey has five albums in the top 200, topped by 1995's Daydream at #47. Carey first charted in June 1990 with her eponymous debut album. In addition to her album achievements, Carey has two songs-"Touch My Body" and "We Belong Together"-on Nielsen/SoundScan's running list of the top 200 songs with the most paid downloads.

4. Celine Dion, 50,167,000
5. Metallica, 50,111,000
6. George Strait, 40,201,000
7. Tim McGraw, 37,171,000
8. Alan Jackson, 36,201,000
9. Pink Floyd, 34,986,000
10. Shania Twain, 33,672,000
11. Kenny G, 33,340,000
12. Eminem, 33,078,000
13. U2, 32,473,000
14. Backstreet Boys, 30,655,000
15. Elvis Presley, 30,042,000
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