Oct 25 2008

Ryan Adams: Mariah's 'Records Are Masterpieces'

< > Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams has kindly offered his praise and admiration for Mariah once again when asked what he's been listening to lately during an interview with the New York Times.

"I feel like Mariah is loosening up, finding herself again. This is a woman who makes amazing albums. She got panned for "Glitter," but she was just taking a stab at her "8 Mile," "Purple Rain" and "Xanadu."  With "The Emancipation of Mimi" she figured out how to dig back into songs and jams and not overdo it vocally. Her pride probably got hurt, she had something to prove, she went nah, watch this, I'm going to emancipate myself - and the record demonstrated this. "E = MC²" (Island) is a very sexy, cool record. She's funny, the beats are great, a lot of slow jams. She's not a pop star; she writes her own stuff, and she really collaborates. Her sampling ideas are well informed; she's very involved in her recording process. Her records are masterpieces."
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