Nov 27 2008

Mariah on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

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On Wednesday, November 26, Mariah stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show to give thanks a day early! Mariah and Ellen, both newlyweds, discussed marriage and how it changed their lives. Mariah gave Ellen a sparkling blender as a belated wedding gift which she proudly displayed for the rest of the segment. The ladies talked about their thanksgiving plans and Mariah said she was going to spend it at Nick's grandmother's house. Ellen teased Mariah regarding other rumors surrounding her life and Mariah took it all in good spirits.
Mariah told Ellen that she shot the commercial to her new fragrance "Luscious Pink" on the set of her latest video "I Stay In Love" which was directed by Nick Cannon, and it turned out both Ellen and Mariah share love for the Peony Flower which happens to be one of the notes in Mariah's "Luscious Pink".
To end the day with extra fun, all the members in the audience got not only a copy of Mariah's album E=MC2, but a bottle of Mariah's new fragrance "Luscious Pink" as well!
Click here to watch the interview on YouTube and here to enter Ellen's giveaway of Mariah goodies!
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