Dec 01 2008

Mariah Amongst Top AOL Musician Searches of 2008

< > The presidential elections dominated user searches this year, according to AOL’s annual lists of top Web, mobile and video searches across more than 40 categories for 2008. But musicians continue to be hot topics for searchers as well. The rankings are based on the people, places and topics that received the largest volume of Web and mobile search queries on AOL Search and on Truveo, AOL’s leading video search engine. Mariah not only came in at an impressive # 4 on the Top 10 Musician Searches of 2008 but is also the highest searched female artist on the list.  To view other top searches on AOL Search in 2008, visit

TOP 10 AOL Musician Searches on Web, Mobile and Video for 2008  
1) The Jonas Brothers
2) David Cook
3) Chris Brown
4) Mariah Carey
5) Lil Wayne
6) Rihanna
7) Madonna
8) Amy Winehouse
9) Beyonce
10) Taylor Swift.
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