Dec 03 2008

LA Times Lists Right To Dream Among Notable 2008 Film Songs

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The contenders for best song

Here's a look at some of 2008's notable film songs, from Bruce Springsteen to Mariah Carey. 

Finding music worthy of an original song nomination wasn't much of a challenge the last two years. As evidence, three selections from "Enchanted" were nominated in 2008 and three from "Dreamgirls" in 2007. But in early summer, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences altered the rules, allowing only two songs per film to be nominated, thereby ensuring that voters will have to dig -- at least a little. And that may be harder than it sounds. This year hasn't produced an Eddie Vedder-penned soundtrack ("Into the Wild") or a bevy of light pop tunes from singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche ("Dan in Real Life"). That's not to say some front-runners haven't emerged. Here's a look at some of 2008's notable film songs:  

Mariah Carey's "Right to Dream." In need of a guitarist for "Right to Dream," Carey aimed high, going straight to country legend Willie Nelson. Written for " Tennessee," in which Carey plays an aspiring singer, "Right to Dream" is restrained elegance, with some light, finger-picked guitar flourishes and a dash of late-night soul. "I was humming different melodies while I was on the set and stuff," Carey says. "I was just thinking that Willie Nelson would be somebody fabulous to collaborate with. I reached out to him, and we met after one of his concerts."  

-- Todd Martens, Los Angeles Times
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