Dec 12 2008

Honey B Fly 'Tennessee' Contest Winners Review The Film

< > Mariah's film Tennessee had an exclusive one-week-run at the Laemmle theater in Los Angeles from Dec. 5 to Dec. 12. Each day, Honey B. Fly gave away five pairs of tickets to members of the fan club. Here is what the fans had to say about the film:

Albert (ajrangerover)
Hey Mariah Fans! This is Albert, giving you my review of Mariah's new film, "Tennessee." First off, I'd like to thank Honey B. Fly for the pair of Tickets! My first impression of  "Tennessee", from reading the review, was that it would be a simple heart-warming tale with lots of music and joy. After  the movie, many were sobbing and crying. Yes, "Tennessee," is that powerful.

Mariah, as we all know, plays a waitress, "Krystal." She joins 2 brothers, "Carter," and "Ellis," who are on a journey back to their hometown in Tennessee, to find their estranged abusive father. Their father is their only hope for a desperately needed bone marrow transplant for Ellis. The theme of "Tennessee," is to pursue your dreams while you still have a chance, and to forget the past, for all you have is now.

"Tennessee," took several unexpected turns and was unpredictable; a trait which made this film incredible! I have to commend Mariah, her acting has much improved, and the film blends music without a cheesy tone.  The film's primary song,"Right To Dream," truly deserves an Oscar Nod.


I went to the screening last night and did not know what to expect. Not only did Mariah blow me away but the movie was great. The movie was very emotional but I loved it. I would definitely recommend this movie. I was accompanied by two of my friends who are not Mariah fans and they loved the movie and also agreed that she's come a long way. Go see it, it's worth it.

Ruth (Baby_Ruth)

OMG I just saw "Tennessee" and it was great! Mariah did such a great job! I really enjoyed it, especially the tequila part. If you haven't seen it, you definitely have to see it! Well just thought I would let ya know, it was a very good movie.

Eneka (nekay411)
I loved the story line. Overall a great movie. Made me cry and laugh which says a lot. I think Mariah did great and love how she added a southern twist to her character with the accent and everything. I will see the movie again I just wish the ending was a little longer.

Marisol (marisun01)

First of all, I would like to thank you for selecting me to receive the pair of tickets. I am a huge Mariah fan and have enjoyed being a HBF member.

Overall I would give the movie an 8 out of 10 since it had a good plot that we can relate to real life situations. The movie keeps you in suspense about what is going to happen next with Mariah's character "Krystal" and with the two brothers on a mission to find their father to save one of the brothers life. I recommend viewers to go and see the movie since it has a good mix of funny moments that had me laughing and twists that kept me wondering what would happen next.

As far as Mariah's performance goes, I have to give her a 10 out of 10. She was very natural on screen and her role made her a very likable person that you can feel for. It was a little different seeing her with a southern accent but she played the part well. What else can I say, it was a GREAT move for all you Mariah Carey fans and a good story, so don't miss it when it comes to the theater. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Trisha (Tynette81)

Well done Mariah, Bravo Bravo!

It is a well written movie, with characters that touch your heart. Mariah did a great job of making me believe she was a woman in a bad relationship. I truly believed that her character was looking for a way out. Mariah's facial expressions, body language, sassy country accent made me forget of Diva Mariah Carey and more of Krystal (Mariah's character in the movie). I do have to admit it was a little weird to see Mariah on the big screen, yes I have seen her in other movies but this movie was different. Mariah really showed she is versatile and she has skills in other areas. When you see this movie, forget of all other Mariah movies, this one is different. It is a Mariah you have never seen before, she did a great job! As for the other actors in the movie my hat's off to you also. I fell in love with the story the first 10 minutes in even before Mariah showed up. You immediately start to feel for the characters and your heart goes out to them. The movie is a tear jerker but not a chick flick kind, my husband was my date for the night and he enjoyed it just as much as I did. I highly recommend this movie! I had lots of fun. Thanks Mariah and HBF for the awesome time!!!

Darren (danniim)

"Tennessee" is a quiet little road trip film that has a sweet story to tell. We cover a wide range of topics - lost love, cancer, child abuse, spousal abuse, self abuse (self hatred would probably be the better term there), hope, friendship - but most of all life.

Yes, "Tennessee" is very much a story we've seen before, but this time it's being told with fresh flourishes.

The strongest performances here are from Mariah Carey and Ethan Peck (Ellis). Once we are rolling along, there is no more Mariah on film; her celebrity is replaced by Krystal. Mariah genuinely submerges herself into the character. While the laugh is the same, everything else we know or assume about Mariah is gone. We can see the genuine concern Krystal has for Ellis, and Krystal becomes the catalyst for moving the film forward.

The cinematographer adds almost sepia like tones throughout the film. This choice adds to the quality of the story being not quite present day, but just a few years ago.  The pictures are rich and there are some interesting camera angles used - look at the sunset after the boys leave Tennessee and when they decide to enter the car with Krystal.
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