Jan 28 2009

Ballads Album Makes Top 10 Billboard Debut!

< > Love is in the air and on the Billboard 200 as Mariah Carey's "Ballads" compilation is the chart's Hot Shot Debut at No. 10 with 29,000. It's the diva's 16th charting set and 14th top 10. Released through Columbia/Legacy, the new collection boasts downtempo hits and album cuts. It's the fourth best-of set that Carey has charted, following "#1's" (No. 4 in 1998), "Greatest Hits" (No. 52 in 2001) and "The Remixes" (No. 26 in 2003). You have to figure "Ballads" will keep singing on the chart as we get closer to Valentine's Day, as it seems like a natural gift purchase.
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