Mar 02 2009

Follow Mariah on Twitter!

< > We're pleased to announce that Mariah is now on Twitter!  Fans can now get instant updates on the web or on their cell phone with contest info, notes from Mariah, and exclusive Mariah news!  Already on Twitter?  You can follow her at  Make sure to turn on mobile updates to get Mariah on your cell phone!  

New to Twitter?  Sign up for a free account at, then follow MariahHBF  to receive updates from Mariah on your twitter account.   Want to know more about Mariah on Twitter?  Check out our tutorial below.   

To visit Mariah's Twitter profile, click here.  To subscribe via RSS to her Twitter feed, click here.

Twitter Tutorial

What can I do with Twitter?
When you sign up for a free Twitter account, you can create short (140 character) status updates, send questions or comments to Mariah, and keep up with people in your life.   

When you follow Mariah (MariahHBF), you'll be able to get short updates with the latest news, what Mariah is up to, new contests, and live updating during major award shows and concerts.  You can also send questions and comments to Mariah and her staff via the @reply or direct messaging (see below for more info).  

What does following mean?  What is a follower? 
When you follow someone on Twitter (like MariahHBF), you are agreeing that you want to see their tweets when you sign in to twitter, and if you opt-in, that their tweets are sent to your cell phone.  

A follower is someone who has subscribed to your Twitter updates and will be able to see your updates when they sign in to Twitter, or on their cell phone.   

What is a tweet?  
A tweet is a status update of 140 characters or less made on Twitter.  

How do I turn on/off mobile updates?  
To turn on Mobile updates, first sign in to your Twitter account .  On your profile menu, look for "Devices" where you will be asked to provide your cell phone number where you can receive SMS updates.   

Then go to "Home" and look on the left hand side for "follows" and click on it.  Look for MariahHBF on the list and turn ON mobile updates.  You're done! :)  

What does the # symbol mean in front of a word?  
We use hashtags to organize some of our tweets, so that you can subscribe them later via RSS.   Some of our common tags are #mariahcontests and #mariahlive to announce new contests and Mariah performances, respectively.  

What is an @reply?  
An @reply is a public way to send a message to Mariah and the HBF staff.   It can be a question or comment, or a response to something we've posted on Twitter.  When you make an update with @MariahHBF, we'll be able to see your comment, as well as any of your friends who are following you on Twitter.  We'll reply to members as often as possible with questions using the @username system.   

What is a direct message?  
If you have a private message for the HBF staff, send it to MariahHBF via a Direct Message.  No one else will be able to see this.
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