Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #16 - #15

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TOUCH MY BODY, #16 is the first song from E=MC2 on the top 20 countdown. Last year, the song achieved an historic feat as it became Mariah’s 18th #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, making Mariah the solo artist with the most #1 singles on the chart. “Touch My Body” was released as the first single from E=MC2, blew up on the radio faster than anyone expected and broke the record for most digital downloads in its opening week. Thanks to its light attitude, breezy vocals, fun lyrics and unforgettable music video, the song which coined the contagious line “I best not catch this flick on YouTube” is ubiquitously loved by fans.

Fans comment about "Touch My Body":

Christopher: Mariah's 18th number one. TMB is the hotness. It so super catchy, and the video for it is so funny. A song people were singing for months, not easy to get out of your head...I still find myself hooked on it at times, this song was made so that people can't forget about it.... It's like you become obsessed with it.

Gidgetgoesny: Not only because it's new, but because it speaks so well of Mariah's deeply sensual, sexual femininity. Plus! It has a kicky beat! Don't you just Love the way you have to listen closely to the way she pronounces the lyrics so that you get her meaning?  She's going to 'treat him like a teddy bear, so he won't have to go nowhere." It's almost got a country lyric!  I worked real hard to find out what a "Wendy Interview" was. Mariah is diverse. This is the song that plays on my cell phone when the lover calls.

Jo Ann S: Addictive and indicative of Mariah's sense of fun and lyric genius. I can't stop playing this song. Help me-no don't, I love it. It is MC being fun, flirty, fast and all female.

Rudy P: This is by far her sexiest song, and its hook is unrelenting and fantastic. This is wall-to-wall Mariah in the best sense, and it conveys her personality perfectly. I can’t get enough of it. It is my favorite song she has ever recorded.

Paul B. J: I cannot get enough of this song or the remixes!  I remember when this song first came out, every bar in NYC was playing it.  Then they lit up the Empire State Building pink and purple in honor of Mariah.  Such an exciting moment!

VANISHING, the second album-cut on the top 20, is at #15. Taken from the debut album, “Vanishing” is the first song Mariah had ever produced on her own. The beauty of this song is in its simplicity having Mariah sing with nothing but the piano in the background, allowing fans to concentrate on the haunting vocals and melancholic feeling of the song.

Fans comment about "Vanishing":

Pablo L: This is my favourite song without any doubt. I love the minimal production: her and the piano. I wish she goes back to singing that way. In "I wish you well" she takes the path. Go Mariah go!

Jessica: Just wow. I don't know all the "technical" singing terms but the tone, the pitch, the key, the pace, the choir. It was all just perfect. And when she hits an extended high note "Vannnisshhhinggg," and effortlessly continues to sing the song and then hits the high note again - it gives you chills.

Dan E: For such a young woman to write and sing such a profoundly mature and emotional song speaks volumes of her true artistry. This song showcases her purest talent - a voice unlike anything else the world has ever heard, combined with her lyrics filled with an emotional maturity way beyond her age- she is ahead of the pack and she is only getting started.

Shilo A: There cannot be a top ten Mariah Carey song list without at least one song from her debut. I picked this song because of its bare bones structure and MC’s raw vocal. The gospel tinges are a nice touch.  Total powerhouse of a ballad. The last 30 seconds never fail to make me tear up; only the tip of the iceberg of things to come for an all time great.

Jimmy S: A classic piano ballad with her voice soaring over the chords – and hearing her do it live on SNL only confirmed that she’s one of the all time greatest voices of our generation.
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