Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #14 - #13

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MAKE IT HAPPEN, #14, is the second song from Emotions on the countdown’s top 20. This motivating song that Mariah wrote from her own personal struggles, is about believing in yourself, the power of prayer, and never giving up on your dreams. “Make It Happen” is known for being a true crowd-pleaser; Mariah’s powerful vocals on top of the great beat given to the song by the C&C Music Factory duo David Cole and Robert Clivilles, gives the song a vibe of an upbeat gospel classic. In her 1995 concert at the Madison Square Garden in NYC, Mariah introduced the song with a message to the fans: “This is for all of you out there tonight, reaching for a dream - don't ever give up! Never ever listen to anyone, when they try to discourage you, because they do that, believe me!”

Fans comment about "Make It Happen":

Jennifer M: I always feel inspired by this song. It is Mariah’s true story and she never forgot who she was before she was famous. It reminds me Mariah is just a real human like us all and it is like my best friend telling me I can do anything!

Ana S: How can we not love this song? Mariah always brings new air to her songs when she performs them live. Make It Happen became one of her memorable songs, with a hopeful message and vocals that make you scream "don't let go" along with her.

Lili O: This song is just so amazing it gives me so much strength and courage and hope to just keep on going and ' Make It Happen'. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. It makes me think that if she can do it than so can I. Mariah gives us hope and motivation to make something out of our lives. This song's lyrics are amazing and then Mariah's vocals make the song even more powerful! Mariah's vocals are absolutely amazing in this song.  Anybody can relate to it.

Nahad W: It can be anytime, anywhere, anyplace and I will start singing "Not more than 3 short  years ago..."  It truly gives you hope and that ambition when Mariah tells me, from the depths of her voice, to "hold on tight and don't let go" I know I can Make it Happen

Priscilla G: This is a song that inspires me from deep within my heart! I live my life by this song, and I shared that moment with Mariah when I met her at Universal City Walk; for the first time in my life on April 17, 2008!!! I love you MC! Happy Anniversary!!! Much Success!!

MY ALL, the #13 song on the countdown is one of Mariah’s biggest international hits to date. This sultry ballad, known for its soulful vocals and guitar-driven instrumental was first released as the second single from the Butterfly album. This entry benefits from two remixes for the song: the David Morales dance remix which Mariah loves going into when performing the song live, and the “My All / Stay Awhile” version, sampling Loose Ends’ “Stay a Little While” in a Jermaine Dupri production. The music video was one of the last ones to be directed by legendary photographer Herb Ritts.

Fans comment about "My All":

Colin C: My 2nd placed song on my countdown is the simple yet stunning “My All.” Mariah’s misty vocals glide beautifully over the Spanish guitar led instrumental. You can hear the longing and passion in Mariah’s vocal performance which swirls and clouds your mind into a state of reverie. 

Theodore D: A song for the ages. Raw Emotion + Undeniable Talent = MC's 13th #1 Hit. Many know and love MCC for her multi octave range and Mezzo Soprano high notes. However, to truly give us her all, she displays her often forgot about alto register, bottoming out at a sultry, sexy A3.

Jose L: This is my all time favorite Mariah song, ever since the first time I heard it when the Butterfly album was released in 1997, I never grow tired of hearing this song.  I especially love the version of My All from the Adventures of Mimi Tour.  When she performed it live at the show in Phoenix I literally started to cry, because she sounded so beautiful and there was so much emotion in the notes she hit and still today I listen to it on the DVD and I still feel the same way I did that night in 2006.  My All shows Mariah's raw and fabulous talent as a singer and this song will always be very special to me.

Edwin A: “My All” was my most favourite song by Mariah. Through this song, I became a fan of Mariah Carey. I remember I bought a “Divas Live” video to watch the other Divas, but when I saw her sing “My All,” my heart was struck by the way she sang the song. I just never knew anyone in the world who could sing like she did. Starting from that year (1998), I became a hardcore Mariah Carey fan. It makes this song very special to me.

Carlos F: Such a beautiful, sad, haunting song. Every one that's ever been in love knows what this song is about. A masterful vocal performance and beautiful melody. Another instant classic.
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