Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #12 - #11

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HONEY, coming in at #12, was the first single from Mariah's groundbreaking Butterfly album, debuting at a record-breaking #1 on Billboard, her third song to achieve this feat. The song's bouncy hip hop beat over The Treacherous Three's "Body Rock," and coy lyrics made the song an instant hit among fans and the industry alike, and marked Mariah's further transition to more hip-hop influenced music. The song's James Bond video concept was Mariah's idea and is still one of her most memorable music videos. Mariah plays the elusive "Agent M" trying to escape rogue thugs (played by Eddie Griffin and Goodfellas star Frank Sivero) on a tropical Puerto Rican beach, narrowly dodging them on jet skis and a helicopter. The song's remix featuring Mase & The Lox proved to be just as popular as the original, and featured a new version of the video.

Fans comment about "Honey":

KeShawn T: After a lot of thought process and sorting especially with close calls like I'll Be Lovin U Long Time, To Be Around You and Loverboy, ultimately I had to go with my all time favorite Mariah video. This video was like whoa! This is one Mariah now had full control over her image and music. And this album was just the most amazing and beautiful thing I had ever heard.

Timothy F: Mariah really came into her own for this song and video. I think it was a new side that no one had ever seen. I love how playful the song is and it is such a good song to jam to. The video is probably my favorite that she has ever done.

Vinicius R: The Classic Club Mix - Mariah's voice fits dance music amazingly, and I don't know why she explores more of it on her videos. This remix is amazing and she should include more Classic House songs on her future albums.

Ashley P: The "new" Mariah.  The Butterfly era is definitely my favorite Mariah period and this was the perfect song to kick it off.  The video is epic, the song is hot, and Mariah showed the world she's her own, independent woman.  I still remember MTV's teaser commercials leading up to the premiere of the video every hour ("What does honey sound like..." with honey dripping down the screen, lol) and being SO excited to get the first glimpse of what my idol would morph into.

Frank S: I consider this the beginning of MIMI! A hint of R&B and Hip-hop mixed with killer vocals and a SEXY video! Sueltame!!

At #11, FLY LIKE A BIRD, missing the top ten by only a few points. This spiritual album track from The Emancipation of Mimi is easy to be swept into, especially when Mariah’s resounding vocals are interlaced with a gospel choir and live instruments – such has been done during the live performances in the 2006 Grammy Awards and “The Adventures of Mimi” world tour.

Fans comment about "Fly Like A Bird":

Adnan N: This song is so important to me because it helped me get through one of the toughest moments in my life! Mariah helped me have faith in myself and most importantly in God. It has given me the courage to keep fighting for my dreams and to most importantly have faith!

Sidra: This song is so inspiring, I call this song "Mariah Church" cause it fills you with the beautiful spirit of Jesus. It's amazing and uplifting. I wish MC would make a whole album with Gospel type songs like this. I think that would be just heavenly.

Vinicius R: When I first heard it, it led me to a high, as if I was elevated and surrounded with God's light... I've gotten teary-eyed many times listening to it, and there are some performances of her, especially that one when she sang on the telethon for the Katrina victims, that did move me. Songs like that make me believe someone's out there for us, and, no matter what, we can always make it through the rain.

Regina Y: From the very first time i watched Mariah performing this song in Grammys, I just found myself grinning and crying at the same time. I felt the connection of the song to her.. I was really touched by every note and word of it.. She sang it wholeheartedly and i was truly amazed when she nailed the high part of it particularly the whistle with the word "JESUS". WOW!!! Incredible!! No words can really express what I felt that time.

Heiffson S: The lyrics in this song is what makes this song my number one from Mimi. This has been such a faith building song, and has given me strength to not let the world bring me down. This song will always have a special place in my heart and my Ipod. The first ever bible quote that I memorized is a quote that hits home in my heart. 'Weeping may endure a night, but JOY comes in the morning' Psalms 30:5 I know that whenever I'm in any turmoil, with the Love of God...I'll Survive.
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