Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #10

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The first song in the top 10 is the 18 years-old CAN’T LET GO at #10. A long lasting “classic” Mariah tune, this is the highest countdown entry from the Emotions album. “Can’t Let Go” captures Mariah’s ability to tell a story through a wide variety of emotions and an incredible range of vocals. Mariah goes from restraint to aching in a passionate delivery of this beautiful melodic song. “Can’t Let Go” was performed as an encore in “a spur of the moment” on Mariah’s unplugged concert and was recently included as a snippet during “The Adventures of Mimi” world tour.

Fans comment about "Can't Let Go":

Sam P: The introduction to this song is chilling - it's a fantastic start. The chorus is incredibly catchy as well, and Mariah's vocals are as soulful as ever. It's a real shame this never got to #1. The video is really spectacular, and is one of my favourite early 90's videos from Mariah. The lighting and imagery that it creates is spot on, and fits with the songs incredibly atmospheric mood. This is truly a beautiful yet haunting song.

Andy K: In my opinion, this is among one of the greatest ballads I've ever heard. The intro is perfect; Mariah's voice is impeccable as it has always been. I'd have to say my favorite part is the climax right at the musical key change. This is such an amazing song; it should have been her sixth #1.

Helen S: Something in her voice just captures my soul every time I hear this song... this song will always be my favorite song of all-time.

Troy M: From the intro where she hits the high note to the beautiful lyrics of this song. This is my all time favorite Mariah song! The song is just plain beautiful, just like our girl Mariah!

Patrick S: This song's beat, lyrics, sound, and video are unbelievable. There's just something about MC's videos in Black and White. I love this song. The beginning of the song is so beautiful and calming, almost to the point of eerie. And the whistle note in the background sends chills down your spine. Then the beat comes in, and it doesn't disappoint. MC just blows us away with her soft voice and then blows us away even more when she belts the last part after the key change. Then the fantastic whistle note at the end (which they cut out in the radio edit) brings tears to my eyes. Excellent work Walter and MC. Job well done.

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