Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #9

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THE ROOF, taken from the Butterfly album is the #9 song on the countdown. Co-produced by Mariah and the Trackmasters, this song cleverly samples Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones” and features the group in the “infamous” remix. With a catchy beat, a sexy setting and Mariah’s soft and inviting vocals on top of the dominant piano instrumental, “The Roof” is an edgy, influential track that solidified Mariah’s position as a trend-setting artist in the Urban music industry.

Fans comment about "The Roof":

Shilo A: This is honestly my favorite song of all time, let alone my favorite Mariah Carey track. The sample is absolutely spellbinding (the addition of Mobb Deep on the remix is a genius touch) and melodic enough to allow Mariah to just kind of flow over top of it. Edgy, gritty, truthful, and one of the most refreshing things she has ever done. The perfect way to ease fans into the idea of MC doing more hip hop-based records. A masterpiece.

Lauren H: This is just barely missing number 1. 'The Roof' is such an incredible song for so many different reasons. It has a smooth beat, deep lyrics, and Mariah's beautiful voice dances in the background of a song that deserved so much more recognition that it got when it was released. Mariah proves she's a true R&B singer with this song, and the video that goes with it is one of her best ever made.

Lea V: My favourite album 'Butterfly' had the best lyrics. 'The Roof' in particular is lyrically and musically brilliant! It's such a laid back sexy/sad rnb song. Great balance between sultry/sexy and full vocals. I love the layering.. Mariah's voice is so versatile. A true instrument. The video for the song is one of my favourites too. Incrediblely sexy and perfect for the song.

Kapil D: Sexiness "to the second power" Again your “smooth as silk” vocal, together with amazing baking vocals and layering, and sublime ad-libs all mix together perfectly to form a potent, sultry, seductive piece of art that so many of your fans adore! Do you realize just how many fans adore this song??

Matheus R: My favorite, this music speaks of desire in a sublime way, you feel yourself transported inside it, it involves you and instead of just heard it, you feel it, you you enter on the atmosphere of music with a mix of desire, distress, love, despair, tenderness and also intensity.
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