Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #8

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At #8: CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY (MARIAH’S THEME), the third single from the 1999 Rainbow album. This uplifting song, co-written by Mariah and Diane Warren, has always been close to Mariah's heart due to the personal nature of its lyrics. It was Mariah's determined delivery, strong vocals, and words of inspiration that made the song an anthem among fans as well with its chorus of "They can try but they can't take that away from me." The music video was especially loved by fans, since it included clips sent in by fans around the country talking about how the song inspired them as well as clips of personalities that inspired Mariah like The Williams Sister and her nephew Shawn.

Fans comment about "Can't Take That Away":

Kyle J: Favorite MC song of all time. I think for me, the main reason why I love this song so much is because I can relate to it. It is such an uplifting and powerful song to me. It will always and forever be one of my favs. *Standout Moment - The entire last half of the song where Mariah swings it on home. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Jose L: As a gay man, this song touched my life when I was struggling to accept that I was gay and struggling to tell my parents.  When I first heard this song and listened to the words carefully I quickly realized that Mariah was almost telling me personally that no matter how different I may feel no one can every take what I have inside away from me, no one could ever change who I was and I should be proud.  Every time I listen to this song I am reminded of how prideful I am to be openly gay now and those that love me accept me for who I am.  I've been to Mariah's last three tours, Rainbow, Charmbracelet and Adventures of Mimi and in all three shows she sang Can’t take that Away and during that moment while she sang it I was reminded of how special the song is to me and what a special meaning it has.

JoAna B: This song didn’t get the recognition that it deserved! This is my all time favorite Mariah song because the message and meaning in the lyrics help bring you up to another level. This song has saved me many times and helped my walk away from situations knowing I am a better person. She speaks truth in the line “I refuse to falter in what I believe or lose faith in my dreams…” because that line itself is so powerful and it basically means that no matter what stay true to who you are and you will be ok.

Eric W: To me, this song is all about strength. It's about going through the hardships of life but using life's experiences to stay strong and build on the hardships to become a stronger person.

Courtney E: This song picks me up whenever I am down. It is a beautiful song with words that reach into my soul and make me feel a rush of relief.  I say this because it gives people, including myself, an understanding that you are who you are and no one "Can Take That Away." You need to believe in yourself in order for others to believe in you.
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