Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #7

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BREAKDOWN (featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) at #7 is another fan-favorite on the Butterfly album. Not only loved for its raw lyrics and unique singing style, it is considered one of Mariah's most groundbreaking and influential songs of her career. Her ability to mimic and complement the rapping style of Bone Thugs through her well-crafted vocal arrangement, fast singing style, and incredible layers of music and voice is still considered one of the early forerunners to today's modern R&B/hip hop music styles.

Andrew M: On Breakdown, Mariah introduced a whole new style.  Her voice is so perfectly restrained and vulnerable, as it is on most of her Butterfly album, but this song really shines.  Add that restraint to the most delicate vocal layering she has ever produced on a track not to mention Bone Thugs N' Harmony's seamless flow in every part of the song.

Will A: I love this song so much. The lyrics just flow right off Mariah’s tongue... The simple yet complicated beat makes this song a classic off of Butterfly. This song was definitely the start of Mariah merging more into Hip-Hop & Pop music. When I bought Butterfly back in ‘97, this song just hooked me. I couldn’t take it off repeat, people would literally know me AS Breakdown, that’s how much I listened to it.

Surendra B: This song is a rarity.  It’s one of those song that comes around every decade or so.  The lyrics are simply genius.  Everything about this song, from the lyrics, melody and vocals, all merge into one, into something so sublime that it can only be deemed as perfection.   The video for this song made me love this song a hundred times over.

Carlos F: Mariah's break up songs are  her strongest material. The source of pain the comes from being abandoned, and losing the dream of being completely happy with that one person is something Mariah speaks to so honestly in so many of her great songs. Can't Let Go, Subtle Invitation, We Belong Together, Anytime You Need a Friend, Love Takes Time, Forever, My All... Breakdown is the queen mother of the breakup songs in Mariah's catalog.

Boe B: One of Mariah's more artistic songs. Mariah's voice is subtle but strong here and the message / tone of this song fit together perfectly.  There's definitely a depressing undertone to its sound and it makes it even more interesting to listen to. Been a favorite to listen to during hard times.  The music video for this track is exquisite.
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