Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #6

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BUTTERFLY, the title track off Mariah’s seventh album comes in at #6 and is the third top 10 track on the countdown from the Butterfly album. The song is loved by fans for its personal lyrics and symbolic meaning. The chorus starts with the bittersweet lines “Spread your wings and prepare to fly / For you have become a butterfly” which Mariah wrote based on her own journey. “Butterfly” now represents Mariah’s freedom and emancipation and is performed as the closing outro at many of her concerts.

Fans comment about "Butterfly":

Eric S: There is a reason the Butterfly has become Mariah's signature emblem. Mariah sings about the pure essence of freedom, which is a concept so essential to every human being. Also, a breathtaking vocal performance by Mariah Carey.

Lauren H: This song was Mariah breaking free from her past musical and personal restraints. It not only set Mariah free, it set her fans free, flying into a new world of creative reality and the best album Mariah ever made.

Danny F: I feel this is Mariah's most emotional vocal performance of all time. Lyrically it is a masterpiece and I often tear up when listening to her sing with such pain and sadness. Even though it was a freeing moment for her, you can really hear her spill the emotion that had been bottled up for so long.

Gilberto R: This song was especially significant to me during the time I was coming out as a gay young man because it meant letting go of who I thought I was and what others wanted me to be. The song, like the animal, signifies freedom and change and not holding back anything especially when it comes to love. Again, thank you Mariah. It truly feels like your music could literally be the soundtrack of my life and I especially want to thank you because your music has gotten me through so much and has helped me tremendously.

O: I love this song as it is perfect in every way. If you truly love somebody you wouldn't "keep [him/her] under glass" but instead you'd give them the freedom to fly. The lyrics are perfect (nobody writes lyrics like this these days), I love the chord progression of the bridge, Mariah's vocals build up to an astounding climax and the back up singers have great parts to sing.
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