Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #5

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FANTASY REMIX (featuring O.D.B.), the only song on the countdown to receive more votes than its original version, is at #5. Originally released in 1995 as the first single from Daydream, the song broke a record on the American charts as it debuted straight at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Mariah the first ever female artist to achieve that feat. The famous music video, the first one to be directed by Mariah, was shot at the famous Rye Playland amusement park, and features clips of Mariah enjoying the park's historic wooden roller coasters. The remix, produced by Puff Daddy, surprised many when it featured the unconventional guest star – rapper O.D.B. The remix became a huge success and yielded one of the most famous pop music phrases of the 90’s: ”Me and Mariah, go back like babies with pacifiers”.

Fans comment about "Fantasy":

Nathaniel M: This song is simply Mariah at her best.  The incredible vocals and melody are only enhanced with the amazing intro.  On top of these things, this song ranks #1 for me because of the memories it brings back.  For my 10th birthday I got the Daydream cassette and a microphone- the only 2 things I asked for after watching the Daydream special on TV.  "Fantasy" and the Daydream era always remind me of how many things Mariah's music has been with me through, and how amazing it has been being a fan through all these years.

Alejandro P: In the club, in the car, in the shower, the ODB remix, the club remix, the original version, this jam just disconnects you from reality and every single cell of your body just wants to dance.

Eric W: This was really the song that started my love affair with music in general. I had always enjoyed music (and Mariah) before this, but something about this song infected me internally (in a good way) and just got me in the mood to appreciate great, upbeat songs like I never had before.

Juan E: Who doesn't love this song. ODB takes an already amazing song to another level and it opened the doors to Pop-Hip-hop collaborations.

Mandy W: MC's best "collabo" in my opinion. She broke the mold with this song, breaking all musical barriers. She fought hard for this to happen, and the end result was pure musical genius.
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