Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #4

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Ranked at #4, HERO is considered by many fans to be one of Mariah’s most inspirational and self-empowering songs. Released as a single in 1994, “Hero” became the second single from the Music Box album and went on to become Mariah’s anthem song, performed at events like Live-8, the NBA All-Stars tribute to Michael Jordan, U.S. President Barack Obama’s inauguration party and America: Tribute to Heroes (following 9/11). Over the years, “Hero” was performed by many artists, including a Mariah duet with Luciano Pavarotti and a cover version by Aretha Franklin. Fans have always had a special connection to the song’s lyrics which were written by Mariah. Likewise, Mariah has always said she prefers the live renditions of “Hero” where she can connect with the audience to the studio version.

Fans comment about "Hero":

Suziane N: This has got to be all. Everything about this song is unmistakable.. It’s perfect. Perfectly written and perfectly performed at every concert you did. The lyrics are truly influencing. I went through a lot of hard times and listening to “Hero” always give me the strength to carry on and to believe in myself that I could overcome things. It’s the anthem of my life. A song I could forever relate to. A song that I listened to, sing about and played the most in my entire life.

NyMatthew: This is the first song I heard from Mariah. When I first listened to this song, I was amazed by the voice, very strong and emotional voice. Then I listened to this song again and again, I began to love this song. The lyric of this song is so inspiring. It really helped me go through hardship in my life. Every time I felt sad, I would listen to this song and it gave me strength to go on. This song taught me that no matter how hard life may be, “a hero lies in you.”  In many MC songs, Mariah sang “I …” But this song is “you… ”. This is a song for everyone. Mariah performed this song in many charitable events, such as Live 8 and Pavarotti and Friends. This song really saved many people’s life. Each time Mariah performed this song, it has a new meaning.. A hero lies in every single one of us.

Terry M: This is my all time favorite song!! This song means the most to me a out of all her songs. I have been through a lot in my life and this song gave me the courage to find the hero inside of me and know that I have the strength to carry on. This song gives me inspiration every time I listen to it, to never give up on my dreams and don't let no one tell me otherwise!  I will always be grateful to Mariah for writing this song!!

Cain C: This song encompasses all that is good about the human spirit. I remember producers placing the track underneath footage of firefighters battling blazes across new south Wales in Australia at the time. It was perfectly fitting, and remains to date my favourite piece of music chronicling hope!

Franz D: We thank Mariah for claiming this song her own! Who would have thought that this will be the official anthem for those who need inspiration across all ages, color, and even gender. Up until today, this song echoes up to the new generation. Mariah may have sung this a million times, but she will never stop until her message is appreciated by everyone she can reach through her music.

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