Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #2

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Coming in at #2, VISION OF LOVE, Mariah's first ever single from her self-titled debut album; Released in 1990, "Vision of Love" introduced Mariah to the world and launched one of the biggest careers in music history. The long intro leading up to the memorable lines “Treated me kind / Sweet destiny…” is ironically similar to the introduction of Mariah: it was worth the wait. By the time Mariah reached the famous chorus (“I had a vision of love / and it was all that you’ve given to me”), there was no doubt in anyone’s mind: she is here to stay. The song spent four weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and to this day remains one of Mariah’s signature songs. “Vision of Love” was first performed in May 1990 on the Arsenio Hall show and on every Mariah tour since then.

Fans comment about "Vision of Love":

Allan A: The one that started it all. It introduced us to the world’s greatest voice (no contest) because Mariah is The Voice of our lives’ soundtracks.  And the song’s  album set the standard so high of what a proper debut album should sound like, it is almost an impossible feat to replicate.  From the very first note, to the very last adlib, Mariah’s voice in Vision of Love is like no other, and her vision has gifted us with so much hope and the brightest future possible.

Jennifer M: I was an avid watcher of The Arsenio Hall Show and remember seeing Mariah sing “Vision of Love” for the first time at 9 years old.  I knew from then on I would love all of her songs and that she was an incredibly talented artist.

Gustavo S: A classic; one of her best, most vulnerable vocals, and yet it is strong and showcases both singing and songwriting from an artist that could only change the history of music. Her live performances of this song have been the highlight of every single one of her tours.

Patrick S: Her first step to become what she is now (a legend, if you didn't already know). The song begins with this sci-fi type of sound and then MC comes in with her vocals.  She then surprises you with an amazing belt (you treated me kind!), then surprises you with her whistle note, then surprises you yet again with her amazing control and melisma.  This song shows off everything in MC's arsenal.

Cameron C: Not many songs by any artist can compare to Mariah's first, in my opinion. She takes it there and then some, and not just with her singing but the fact that you could absolutely feel the passion she had for it, just from the lyrics alone! She's had many a timeless classic, but this defined the term TIMELESS MASTERPIECE.

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