Mar 27 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown - The End

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Thank you all for participating in Mariah's Anniversary Countdown of 2009! You all did a great job picking Mariah's fan-favorite songs. Since not all of your picks made the top 20, we decided to post some extra comments and pick two winners whose favorite songs did not make the countdown:

Jayson C:
Petals - This piece is one of my Mariah's most artistic words could do the writing or mood evoking melody and tone, justice. The vulnerability and honesty behind the record makes this song incredibly natural to relate to. "Petals" has helped me face a lot of inner turmoil I have carried with me from childhood into my young adult life and has given me the self realization and mental and emotional fortitude to grapple with inner demons that needed to be faced and defeated.

Danielle T:
Right To Dream - I am a freelance writer/producer, who ended up taking a "day job" this past year to have a steady income, health benefits, and a 401k for once. All year I fought with myself because I knew I was "settling" and I wasn't doing what I really wanted to do. Then "Right To Dream" dropped, and once again I was reminded that it is okay to be an artist and a dreamer.

Brian H:
Underneath The Stars - So laid back and dreamlike, this song sends you into a kind of trance, it's so dreamy you wanna be lay in a field on a summer night watching the stars with your boyfriend. It's a real rnb record.

Kapil D:
Outside - This song expresses so many real, honest emotions that so many of us go through. Probably the song I most identify with out of your catalogue. Ironically this song doesn't make you feel like an outsider at all, but "inside" and having "a place" because you express so many of our feelings so accurately. I draw comfort from this song. Thank You.

J. Barco:
Anytime You Need a Friend – The subject is a beautiful one: friends.  There aren’t enough songs about the bond of friendship and the loyalty it can bring.  I love how Mariah’s voice soars over the choir in the outro of the song.   

The following ten winners will receive an e-mail asking for their mailing addresses:

Sam P
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Mark T
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Jayson C
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