Apr 20 2009

Jasmine’s Adventures With Mariah

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By Jasmine Dotiwala, The Voice Online

Jasmine hung out with buddy Mariah at a London hotel, but is tight-lipped about the day’s activities!

THE early part of April was hectic! The G20 leaders dinner at Downing Street was legendary – a night full of historic memories. Next, we had Mrs Mariah Carey-Cannon’s birthday celebrations in Barbados. Then, it was off to Miami where she was working on tracks for her next album, which is due out in the next few months.

Straight from Miami, Mr and Mrs C’s jet plane landed at Heathrow, where the paps (who were waiting for politicians at the airport), bum-rushed her and asked her about whether she was happy about Obama’s trip to the UK. Oh how we laughed. What do journalists expect someone to reply to such a redundant question?

“Um yeah…it’s fabulous!” Mrs C had time for just three hours sleep before she got up to play me the songs she’s made so far for the new album. We listened to the new music in a manner that I have never been treated to before. It was different, slightly naughty and millions of her fans would’ve loved to see through my eyes at that moment. But if I revealed what we did, there would be a worldwide scandal! What happens in a London hotel room, stays in a London hotel room!

I heard a variety of tracks, and there were big ballads, catchy melodic hooks, hilarious and witty wordplay, and clever lines galore. I had a few favourite tracks: some that talk from the heartbroken lover’s point of view; some representing the proud and stubborn dumper; and of course beautiful love songs, inspired by Mr C. On one song in particular, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and it’s very touching to hear her pouring her heart out so publicly. Mrs C also told me about her dog JJ’s new puppy playmate, that’s been named Cha Cha. I then proceeded to inform her that me and my girls used to call a certain part of the female anatomy our ‘cha cha’. She laughed and said: “I might’ve guessed – there’s always some American-British language exchange humour when it comes to us!”

Then, we decided to play an April fools joke on MC’s fans (otherwise known as ‘lambs’): She encouraged me to tell my Twitter following that she’d had her hair cut short and died dark brown. Within seconds, her Twitter planet of fans hit me back with: “Nice try Jas, but we know it’s an April fool.” They’re just too quick for me! I should’ve said she was shopping in Top Shop with me instead! They know her too well.

After catching up on things, Mrs C slipped her curves into a long, black designer dress and went out to the car – and paparazzi – waiting outside Claridge’s Hotel. She was taken to her jet, which took her to South Africa where she and Mr C attended an event for a certain Mr Mandela. Mr Mandela is so full of life at 91 years of age. What an absolute living legend.
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