Jun 19 2009

Honey B. Fly Members review Obsessed

< > Mariah’s new single OBSESSED premiered Tuesday on radio stations across the world to amazing reactions from the fans! Here are some reviews from our very own HBF Members:

jefflez: In her new, soon-to-be smash hit, Mariah poses the question: "Why you so obsessed with me?"  The song is an answer in itself.  The lyrical genius, the vocal prowess and overall feel of the song prove that Mariah is an artist worth "losing your mind" over.  The song is a definite precursor of what is to come off Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.  The background vocals are outstanding, the "oh oh ohs" and belting near the end are inexplicably perfect.  The use of auto-tune helps the song gets its point across, as opposed to hindering it.  Mariah is showing that her emancipation has come full circle, and this song is a declaration that the new Mariah is here and she is here to stay.  Mariah knows how to create a great song and this exceeded all expectations.  Stone Groove Smash Hit Wonder no doubt.

butterflycharm: I LOVED, LOVED the song!! I had high hopes for the first single and Mariah didn't let me down! I think it's a perfect choice, very radio friendly song to promote a new album. I can't wait to hear more tracks and to see the video!!

sugar_rae: If this song is any indication of what's to come with the new album, I'm hyperventilating!


mundiman888: "Obsessed" is exactly what "Obsessed" is about, how some people can't get over relationships! With clever lines such as "I'm a press conference you're a conversation" and "will the real MC please stand up" Mariah has clearly stepped up her game and confidence! She means business and this song clearly means: 19TH #1!!! Great Job Mariah!! We love you and the music you make!!

nomad: The new single off of "MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL " is a hot diss..windows banging..smack you in the face track… Mariah has come out of the starting gate with a fierce record..sure to Blaze the charts and become one of the hottest summer tunes of 2009.

alwaysbemybaby: "Obsessed" is SICK! No matter who it’s about, it’s a GREAT song! Anyone dealing with a stalker? or even just someone who can't get a clue? This is the song to play for them! Mariah's brought the best beats and great vocals mixed with a new style and great lyrics ONCE AGAIN!!!
Radio's are going to be Obsessed with playing this song over and over!

kmullings: Mariah has definitely taken a different approach with "Obsessed". Most people might not want to believe its Mariah because it's not what you'd expect from someone who is known for her big ballads.  Her lyrics are so cleverly delivered! I'm loving the uptempo feel of it! Definite S.G.S.H.W! #19 here we come!

fabulousmoolah: MC all over, Obsessed rides a kind of 'Kanye-West Heartless' beat on steroids that jab jab jabs at an unknown character who is "So Obsessed" with her. MC's vocals follow a sweet/scary tone that seems to have the overall effect of BEATING HER HATER DOWN!!! He should be running scared after this.  

alexia_marie02: I personally love the song! I think it's very different from the Mariah we know but like she said "It's so me" lol. I find it very funny in most of the lyrics. She's just expressing herself in a different way and I love it.

initobello: I'm officially OBSESSED. It's been on in my computer for half an hour now and I'm loving it more and more every time. The lyrics are bananas! My favorite parts are: will the real MC step to the mic!! and the last part when she sings like a little girl and goes "you love me, you love me, you really really love me" hahhahahaahhaha. Well, the lyrics in general are crazy cool. She is the best.

denieced: Now that I've been able to properly listen to this jam, I am more convinced than ever that this track is BANGINNNNNNN!!!  I need a proper convertible with a drop top to blast this out of...LOL  I LOVE  IT!  19th Number one for sure!  The beat is sick, the lyrics are clever and overall it’s just a SMASH!  MCC really came hard this time and I am so proud to be a fan.  Lambs, get ready to party!!

cocohoney2: Why are we obsessed Mariah Carey! Can it be the fact that she's the highest selling female recording artist of all time, or maybe it's her 18 number ones, whatever it may be she's got me hooked. Her new up tempo hit is definitely a club banger. We all know Mimi can rap (Prisoner) but she is definitely delivering some STONE GROOVE punch lines, I guess that’s why they call her MC. If this is the first single off her twelfth studio album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" than imagine what is to come.

queenlove35: I think that it is a great girl anthem....... I also think that she went out of her realm and really relied on tricky and Dream b/c it sounds so like their work and it is very catchy!!!!  I love it MCC!

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